If anything can make up for having sucky nails right now, getting new polish can <3

    My Ulta order came :-D

    I, of course, cheaped out, cause that’s what I do.  But I got 17 bottles of polish for 30 bucks, so not bad.

    Essence Colour & Go (From left to right)

    42 Dress For A Moment, 04 Space Queen, 05 Sweet As Candy, 22 What Do U Think?, 39 Lime Up!, 38 Choose Me!, 27 No More Drama, 36 Enchanted Fairy, 32 Gold Rush, 33 Just In Case, 45 Date With The Night

    China Glaze Crackle Glaze

    983 Fault Line
    978 Lightning Bolt
    980 Black Mesh

     I’m really excited to try out Lime Up, Choose Me, and Date With The Night.  Yay new polish!

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